Bengt Lindström

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About the artist

Bengt Karl Erik LINDSTRÖM, born September 3, 1925 in Storsjö Kapell, is a Swedish painter, lithographer and sculptor.


He began his artistic training by attending the Academy of Stockholm (1944-1945) and the painting school of Isaac Grünewald. He then drew with Aksel Jorgensen in Copenhagen in 1946, before staying in Chicago (1946-1947) and settling in Paris. There, he worked in the workshops of Fernand Léger and André Lhote.

In 1949, he embarked on a less figurative painting, more and more colourful. He paints very quickly with a lot of material, almost sculpting the paint.

He had his first personal exhibition in Sweden in 1954 at the Gummesson art fair. From the 1950s, he took part in several group exhibitions and Salons in Paris (New Realities; October Salon).

Although often formally close to Cobra painting and friend of Jorn, the artist claims rather to the Nordic painting of Nolde, Munch or Ensor. He is also influenced by popular art, Sami mythology and the shamans of the Far North.

Bengt Lindström lived in Savygny-sur-Orge for most of his artistic career, the city where his activity was officially based, while returning regularly to Sweden in the summer.

He suffered a stroke at the end of August 2003, which left him mentally and physically diminished and died in 2008 in Sundsvall.