Just Jaeckin

About the artist

Just Jaeckin, born August 8, 1940 in Vichy, is a French filmmaker, photographer, painter and sculptor.

In 1958, at the age of 18, Just Jaeckin was called up to serve in Algeria, where he worked as a war photographer. During the 1960s, Jaeckin acquired a solid reputation in the world of fashion, collaborating with magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire and Vogue.

In 1972, producer Yves Rousset-Rouard entrusted him with the staging of Emmanuelle. The film made more than 8 million admissions in France in 1974 and took first place at the national box office.

Freshly crowned with this success, Just Jaeckin becomes the fashionable erotic director. He directed Histoire d’O in 1975 then Madame Claude in 1976. He went on to write in 1977 for The Last Romantic Lover, but none of his films managed to match Emmanuelle in quality and success.

The end of erotic cinema on the big screen ended his career in the early 80s. He directed Lady Chatterley’s Lover (1981) and his last film: Gwendoline (1983) based on Willie’s famous comic strip.

Today, Just Jaeckin and his wife Anne are the owners of an art gallery, rue Guénégaud in Paris. They exhibit paintings and sculptures, including their own.