1904 - 1987

About the artist

Jean Hélion has a complex artistic path. Moving from abstract art to figurative art. He is largely known as the artist who brought abstraction to the United States, as well as being one of the precursors of the 1970 German New Fauvism, and of the 1980 Figuratives. His art is evolved throughout the years to technically bring him closer to the Figurative Art, in which he explored intensely.


Helion Jean, Nu

Pastel on colored paper
Mounted on canvas
Unframed: H 49 cm x W 74 cm
Framed: H 67 cm x W 90 cm


Helion Jean, Le Marché

Watercolor, pastels, charcoal and gouache on paper
Unframed: H 73 cm x W 110 cm
Framed: H 90 cm x L 125 cm