1921 - 1998

About the artist

Creator of the famous César awards for French cinema, César Baldaccini is also known for his use of sculpting from cheap materials, Iron and plaster. He joins the New Realism movement in 1961 and is subject to many exhibitions and retrospective, for being a major contributor to history and sculpture.


Cesar Baldaccini, L’HOMME OISEAU

Welded and patinated bronze
Signed and numbered HC 2/2 (from the edition of 8 copies + 4HC/EA)
Stamp by the Bocquel foundry
Work listed in the Durand Ruel Archives


Cesar Baldaccini, L’HOMME QUI MARCHE

Bronze with brown patina – Foundry Bocquel
Signed and numbered 3/8
Durand Ruel Archives Certificate
Sculpture made from an initial sculpture executed in 1955, 67 cm high and entitled “Claire” then enlarged with a pantograph
H 157 cm x W 95 cm x D 28 cm